dangerous goods operations


For all classes of dangerous goods, including explosives, radioactive material and infectious substances DG Specialists provide the following operations services:

export packaging

Export Packing and Repacking of Dangerous Goods Shipments

Most of incidents or accidents in the past were caused by an inappropriate packing use. We assist you ensuring that packing requirements are completely fulfilled when the package is presented to the Airline Operator or Shipping Line.



We provides Warehousing and Storage of Dangerous Goods and Any Other Related Goods, as per International Standards and Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Standards in place.

exporting goods

Special Export Crating

We provides Special Export crating that meets International Standard & Regulations for the Safe Transportation of Dangerous Goods and Non Dangerous Goods.

Consultancy Dangerous Goods Specialists Operations

As per the Best Recommended International Standards and Regulations on Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials, and Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental requirements.

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